• Meet, Share, Communicate

  • Meet, Share, Communicate

  • Meet, Share, Communicate

Build your Collaborative Network

uShare.to doesn't replace but complements your collaboration system. Not only can you share information stored in your favourite system, your clients, partners and vendors can share information stored in theirs!


Real-time video chat and conferencing

Jump into an audio/video meeting whether you are behind the desk at the office, or out in the field. Get top-of-the-line conferencing features like screen sharing, IM, annotations and more.

Supported Apps

You can bi-directionally sync information with popular business apps including document management, task management, calendaring, contact management, notes and other systems

Coming soon:

Persistent Social Conversations

Have rich personal or group chat conversations that always remain - check back anytime in the future. Do more - share files, "like" messages, monitor activity, and more.

Secure Sharing...Finally

In email, the moment you press "Send", your information is forever gone and beyond your control.

uShare.to lets you regain control in sharing, and makes you the master of your information. Even after you have shared your information, you can edit or update it, alter who has what rights, revoke access or make any other changes at any time, and these changes are instantly reflected across your sharing network.

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